Service Overview

An infrared roof inspection involves the use of an infrared camera to detect areas of wet insulation under the roof membrane. It is an excellent diagnostic tool in that it can provide a great deal of information about the condition of your roof system that is not available upon visual inspection alone. For roughly pennies per square foot, you can gain the knowledge necessary to prevent an expenditure of several dollars per square foot.

An Infrared Roof Inspection Will Save You Time and Money


Roof Surface as seen during day

Roof Surface as seen by infrared camera

Why is Wet Insulation a Concern?

Undetected wet roof insulation is the primary cause of premature roof failure. It can and will cause the following problems:

  • Deterioration of the roofing membrane, insulation, and even the roof deck itself
  • Increased heating and cooling costs due to the deterioration of the thermal efficiency of the insulation (Wet insulation does not insulate.)
  • Delamination of the entire roof assembly due to freeze-thaw cycles of wet materials
  • Addition of unwanted loads to the building structure (Wet insulation is heavy.)
  • Formation of molds and potential health hazards for personnel
  • Premature and costly roof replacement

How Can a Thermographic Scan Save Money?

1. Identification of potentially serious problems such as roof failure or mold before they become dangerous and expensive:
By the time a problem with the roof becomes apparent because of a leak or other obvious warning sign, serious damage may already have occurred to the roof and/or building structure since wet insulation can go undetected for quite some time. Once a roof system fails, costs immediately begin to multiply as a result of:

• Costly roof replacement
• Potential for structural damage to the building itself
• Damage to expensive interior assets such as equipment and furniture
• Lost productivity due to asset loss and reconstruction
• Health and safety liability concerns: injuries, mold, etc.

2. Identification of early, much less expensive repair or maintenance solutions:
If wet insulation is detected early enough or in only small localized areas, many opportunities exist for solutions at a fraction of the cost of the expenses listed above:

• An aging roof system with minimal or no wet insulation can be restored at less than ½ the cost of replacement
• Preventative maintenance repairs to prolong the life of the roof
• Localized replacement (only some sections of the roof are replaced)

How Can I Gain Better Control Of My Company’s Roof Assets?

As part of our unique approach to market, Global offers a free comprehensive Roof Management Program (R.M.P.) to help building owners and managers assess, organize, and budget for all of their roofing needs. The following outlines the typical sequence of events involved in setting up a R.M.P. for a customer:

1. Visual inspection of all roofs including core cuts by Global Representative

2. Comprehensive R.M.P. report is submitted to you and will include the following:

• Conditions of all roofs described in detail
• Recommendations for any necessary preventative maintenance, restoration, or replacement work
• Photographs to illustrate findings
• Thermographic scans recommended where necessary
• Budget figures and a timeline of necessary projects so that necessary expenditures can be properly planned, and large unanticipated expenditures can be avoided

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