Service Overview

The number one factor when a roof needs to be replaced is WET INSULATION! Insulation sits just below the roof’s membrane. When a leak allows water to seep in through the outer membrane and saturate the insulation below, that moisture can deteriorate the roof on multiple fronts.

Wet Insulation is bad for your roof, your building, and its occupants

Life-Cycle Costing

When attempting to evaluate whether a product or service substitution is “equal or better than the one originally specified”- ask yourself:

Are we going to lose the money saved on the initial cost by paying more over the life cycle of our investment?

Primary factors to consider when evaluating life-cycle cost of roofing:

1) Design cycle (warranted life cycle) of the materials
2) Maintenance costs, including:

  • Annual cost per square foot
  • Anticipated major repairs, such as recoating
  • Non-destructive periodic evaluations for moisture penetration
  • Anticipated minor repairs, such as damage from foot traffic
  • Installation cost
  • Ancillary cost related to those building elements impacted by the roof system, such as surrounding masonry
  • Inspections during installation to ensure the quality of materials and labor
  • Energy-consumption costs
  • Disposal costs at end of life cycle
  • Anticipated new environmental regulations that might affect disposal costs
  • The value of material salvage or reuse
  • The effects of tax law on the roof replacement
  • Annual inspections

The cost of neglect is high: When buying a roofing solution, the only constant is your initial cost.

Over the life cycle of your roof, it is the cost of maintenance- or lack of maintenance- that will drive your cost.

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